Cheapest Ways to Buy New LEGO Sets

Here are some ways to save money and buy new LEGO sets cheaply and economically, if you live in the United States.

The world’s largest online retailer also has one of the world’s largest collection of LEGO sets for sale, both new and used. You can often save at least a few pennies (literally) off MSRP on any LEGO set with greater discounts, generally up to 25%, for some very popular and some very unpopular sets. It is rare for the expensive $100+ sets to be discounted. also runs periodic sales, particularly when other large toy retailers are also discounting LEGO sets.

Shipping is free for $35+ orders when shipped/sold by Prime members get unlimited free two-day shipping and discounted same-day and overnight shipping, usually regardless of order size (30-day free trial, $99/year).

BrickBig receives a commission from, at no cost to you, when you click on the links above and purchase LEGO sets (or other items, LEGO or not). You will still receive their best available price.

An VISA credit card from Chase will net you 3% cash back on purchases. An Prime Store Card (which can only be used at will net you 5% cash back on purchases if you have an active Prime membership.

2. LEGO Shop (Shop @ Home)
The official online store for the Lego Group. As you would expect, they sell an extensive collection of LEGO sets and can sometimes be one of the few places, online or offline, to purchase hard-to-find (i.e., expensive) LEGO sets. Products generally sell at MSRP, but there are always a few discounted items and occasional sales. Shipping is free for orders $35+ through at least December 31, 2016, excluding Alaska and Hawai’i.

Their free VIP program gives points which basically equate to a $5 credit towards future LEGO Shop purchases, for each $100 in purchases. The purchasing threshold may be spread across multiple orders. Periodic VIP promotions can net you double points ($10 credit) on certain sets or on most sets during double-points months (generally March and October). You also get VIP points for purchases at official LEGO retail locations.

Using Ebates (free) will net you an additional 2.5% cash back at the LEGO Shop. The Ebates cash back stacks on top of the VIP points. Provided you buy a lot of LEGO sets, you can essentially get 7.5% off your purchases at the LEGO Shop when combining Ebates with the VIP program.

3. Toys”R”Us (TRU)
One of the few surviving toy store chains, Toys”R”Us has the largest off-line collection of LEGO products for sale aside from LEGO itself. Their web inventory is also quite impressive. You should always do a price comparison before buying from TRU; some of their MSRPs are inflated and hence make their “sales” less of a positive value proposition. Still, they carry many hard-to-find sets, including some that have been recently retired, and some of their sales are decent.

Shipping is free for most $19+ orders; TRU also offers free expedited shipping for ShopRunner members. ShopRunner membership can be purchased or is available for free to select American Express credit card members.

You can get a $5 credit towards future purchases for every $125 spent in-store or online by joining the free Rewards”R”Us program. The Toy”R”Us MasterCard will net you a $5 credit for every $63 spent at TRU (instead of the standard $125 spent), as well as 10% off in-store purchases made on Thursdays.

Using Ebates (free) will net you an additional 1.0% cash back at TRU. The Ebates cash back stacks on top of the Rewards”R”Us points.

4. Barnes & Noble (B&N)
Despite the fact that they are a bookstore, Barnes & Noble actually sells quite a few LEGO sets. Their best deals are clearance sets in-store. Shipping is free for most $25+ orders.

You can get 10% off in-store LEGO products by joining the B&N Membership program. Membership costs $25/year. While the 10% discount does not apply to online purchases, you do get free expedited shipping with membership. Be aware that most B&N coupons cannot be applied towards LEGO purchases.

The Barnes & Noble MasterCard from Barclay Card will net you 5% off all B&N purchases (online or in-store), which stacks on top of any other discounts.

Using Ebates (free) will net you an additional 1.0% cash back at B&N. The Ebates cash back stacks on top of all other discounts.



Don’t Forget Big-Box Stores: Walmart, Target, Kmart

Don’t Forget Online Marketplaces: eBay, Bricklink, Brick Classifieds