Other Sites

Since BrickBig is still new, still growing, and cannot afford to buy and review every single LEGO set (and, sadly, does not receive LEGO sets for free), the following is presented as a curated collection of blogs and websites to help you find news, reviews, and further information on LEGO products.

LEGO News and Reviews

1. The Brick Fan
A blog with up-to-date LEGO news, especially as it pertains to new LEGO products, and a impressive collection of reviews, particularly regarding non-brick products like LEGO-related books.

2. Jay’s Brick Blog
An Australian LEGO blog with a mix of LEGO news and an assortment of reviews on LEGO products, especially minifigures. Also features excellent photography of LEGO products.

3. Gimme LEGO
While not updated as frequently as some of the other sites featured here, this British blog publishes some great in-depth review of LEGO sets, especially larger sets like the Creator Expert series.

4. The Brothers Brick
A LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO (AFOL) with a mix of LEGO news and reviews with an emphasis on MOCs (My Own Creation), which are custom LEGO creations designed and built by individuals.

5. Brick Nerd
A site which focuses on MOCs (My Own Creation), which are custom LEGO creations designed and built by individuals, particularly those with connections to sci-fi and video games. Also features extensive streaming video content.

6. The Brick Blogger
Despite the somewhat cluttered appearance of its homepage (there are over 100 different hyperlinks), this blog publishes LEGO-related news and reviews. The easiest way to find a non-recent review is to use the search box about halfway down the left-hand side of their website.